Wackadoo Block Tutorial

I created a pictorial lesson for my Wackadoo block back in 2011 on Facebook. It has enjoyed a resurgence recently which is great but for some reason the Facebook album isn’t showing the pictures as they once were. I dunno…must be “computery” stuff that I don’t get so here is the lesson!

Wackadoo Block-measures 7.5 inches unfinished/7.0 finished


Step 1-

Sew four 4.5 inch squares into a 4 Patch block.



Step 2-

measure 1.5 inches from the vertical middle seam on each side and make 2 vertical cuts.


Step 3-

Measure 1.5 inches from the middle horizontal seam on each side and make 2 horizontal cuts on the middle piece only.



Step 4-

Turn the small 4 patch 2 turns counter clockwise so the the smaller square is opposite its’ larger color corner.


Step 5-

Sew the middle pieces together.


Step 6-

**Check the seams on the long side pieces. If they do not nestle with the center seams, press them the other way before proceeding to the next step.**

Matching the middle seams, sew each side piece on. After the sides are sewn on, cut the excess tabs off of the ends and square up your block. Your block should measure 7.5 inches square.



Have fun making your Wackadoo blocks!