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Benjamin had a keen interest in the fate of the peoplewho lived along the banks of the Yangtze River can you buy Dilantin over the counter in dubai and since December 2001had made several trips to China to take videos for a documentary film. (2009) Driving assess-ment for maintaining mobility and safety in drivers with demen-tia. It is caused by multiple distinctpathologies and, in some cases, genetic mutations. The provider recognizes that haptics/touch in this culture can you buy Dilantin over the counter in dubai exceptbetween intimates, requires a person’s permission to be touched. The United Kingdom transientischaemic attack (UK-TIA) aspirin trial: final results. Note that nonarticulating sur-faces ofthe hyaline cartilage models oftarsal bones are covered by peri-chondrium, which alsocontributes to the development ofjoint capsules.Also,adeveloping tendon (7) isevident inthe indentation ofthe cartilageseen on the left sideofthe micrograph

Note that nonarticulating sur-faces ofthe hyaline cartilage models oftarsal bones are covered by peri-chondrium, which alsocontributes to the development ofjoint capsules.Also,adeveloping tendon (7) isevident inthe indentation ofthe cartilageseen on the left sideofthe micrograph. The movement of CO2into the electrolyte solution changes the pH of thesolution. The concreteness orabstractness of the nouns had been verified in apreviously published study (see Nippold & Haq,1996, for details concerning the procedures)

The concreteness orabstractness of the nouns had been verified in apreviously published study (see Nippold & Haq,1996, for details concerning the procedures). Note a single layer of basal cells and two or three layers of cellsundergoing differentiation (with eosinophilic cytoplasm).

The investigators concluded that the combination of poverty plus a lack of socialcohesion in a locality precipitated schizophrenic breakdown. The task oftracking and summarizing the animal origins of SARS is no less interesting.The disease was formally introduced on February 26 can you buy Dilantin over the counter in dubai 2003, and by March 24researchers who discovered a coronavirus as the potential cause of the diseasehad begun to consider the possibilities of an animal origin for the epidemic,since coronaviruses were known to affect both animals and humans. About 2 months back, she had fracture ofher right arm following fall from standing height. In addition CO 2 diffuses through heliumfour to ?ve times faster than through air (Gupta andCheifetz 2005).

In the cat, conservative use of fluids is recommended, as up to 15.5% of appar-ently healthy cats actually have underlying cardiovascular disease (8).

Six of them had septic shoulder arthritis and three suffered from ster-noclavicular joint arthritis at the site of previous radiotherapy, after a median timeinterval of 16 years after irradiation. Don’t forget to add the xanthan gum (if it isn’talready in your packaged GF flour mix). Evans SC can you buy Dilantin over the counter in dubai Viswanathan M, Grier JD, Narayana M, El-Naggar AK, Lozano G (2001) An alter-natively spliced HDM2 product increases p53 activity by inhibiting HDM2. Clinicopathological profile and surgical results ofnonhealing sinuses and fistulous tracts of the head and neck region. Danovi D et al (2004) Amplication of Mdmx (or Mdm4) directly contributes to tumor for -mation by inhibiting p53 tumor suppressor activity

Danovi D et al (2004) Amplication of Mdmx (or Mdm4) directly contributes to tumor for -mation by inhibiting p53 tumor suppressor activity. Predictors of print knowledgein children with specific language impairment: Experiential anddevelopmental factors. Rebound headaches can happen asa result of taking NSAIDs such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen or otherpain medication on a regular basis. Paradontal pathogens such asActinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans can you buy Dilantin over the counter in dubai Porphyromonas gingivalis, Prevotella intermedia,Bacteroides forsythus, and Treponema denticola were cultivated in high concentrations inpatients with peri-implantitis, but not in controls without implant pathology, suggestingthat these microorganisms may be crucial for the infectious loosening of dental implants.In the retrospective case series of Baltensperger [39], 48 patients with acute osteomye-litis have been observed. Excluding n O, the variousnO are interconvertible and many of them actually coexistin the atmosphere

Excluding n O, the variousnO are interconvertible and many of them actually coexistin the atmosphere. The major immune modulating capabilities come from the IL-6receptor‘s ability to activate STAT3 through the activation JAK-1. Therefore can you buy Dilantin over the counter in dubai theyonly allow estimating the degree of inflammation, but not the presence or absence ofinfection.

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This is the link! for some reason the picture leads to the video only. Copy and paste this link into your browser bar to get to the campaign. Thanks!

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Let’s get this book published!

I want to thank you all for hanging out with me and following this blog. I haven’t posted much recently due to dyeing fabrics for orders, working and getting my book published. There were some unforeseen challenges on that front so I have decided to self-publish. The book is targeted to be approximately 90 to 100 pages. It will be a soft cover book with color images detailing each step in the dyeing process with tips on how to create beautiful dyed fabric. Just take a look at the images here. I can teach you how to make beautiful fabrics just like mine! I have put the greatest care into making this book the best it can be. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever worked harder on anything in my life. Printing of the book will be handled by a US based company in Colorado that specializes in bringing the best book possible to the consumer. Once my endeavor here is funded, I can complete the book submission process and the book will be ready to ship approximately 12 to 14 weeks after submission. There will even be a Kindle version! How cool is that! I’m setting my target date for submission as September 1st so that puts the books finished and ready to ship around January 10th. In order to get the book in your hands, I have started a Kickstarter campaign with lots of fun rewards! Please visit my campaign at the link listed below to learn more about this endeavor. Thanks again and remember, You’ve got mojo!

Happy day to all!


My Kickstarter campaign can be viewed by following this link. Copy and paste it into your browser bar.




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Enjoy creating a fun and playful Wackadoo block!

Wackadoo is such a silly word but this block is fun and playful! Stop by and take a look at my newest free tutorial and make yourself some Wackadoos! The lesson can be found by copying and pasting the following  link  in your browser bar or visit my website. The tutorial is right there at the top. Have a wonderful day and remember, you’ve got mojo!

Wackadoo Block Tutorial



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We have a new addition to the Mojo family!

2015-06-06 004

Meet Hadoken! Our newest family member. I’m guessing he’s about 9 to 11 weeks old. My daughter found him lost and alone outside of where she works in TX so he came home with us to KS for a whole new life. We’ll get him to the vet this week for the whole 9 yards and maybe they can give us a better guess on his age. This little guy survived all of the TX storms and flooding in a very bad area and out in the country among predators so he is quite a little survivor. He loves people and we are now his people. The real hero of this story is my daughter. She could not and would not walk away from this little boy so she took him home. I think she’s pretty awsome.

We had a lovely trip to TX for my youngest daughter’s graduation. Having all of the kids in one place was lovely! the sibling fun didn’t take long to kick in when my son told my daughter to clean out her own car. He said it in a loving way so they have both matured….somewhat 🙂  Now I’m going to concentrate on writing some tutorials for the rest of the summer! Let’s see, tote bags? bed runners? summer memories quits? really quick projects you can make in a day? the possibilities are endless! Tell me what you would like and we’ll come up with something fun!

Never forget that you’ve got mojo!



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Good morning sunshine!

Good morning from She’s Got Mojo! Thank you all for the concern and well wishes as our family went through 2 weeks of Influenza B, bronchitis then bronchial pneumonia. Yes, each of us got it and it was not fun. I hope to never be that sick ever again. I’ll be creating more dyed quilt backings soon. I have several, like 8 or so, backings ready to dye as my endurance returns. With warmer temps and sunshine comes deep, beautiful and vibrant colors both in nature and on fabric. Enjoy every moment you have!


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My new Facebook page She’s Got Mojo Giveaway!


I finally got my Facebook page up and running so now we’ll have a Giveaway! Go to Facebook and like She’s Got Mojo at

Also sign up to follow my website for an extra entry! That’s it, that’s all you need to do! nothing complicated!

When my Facebook page hits 1000 likes I will draw a name or email to win a 90 x 90 inch dyed quilt backing and you get to choose the colors!

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No-Sew Fabric Covered Candy Box Tutorial



No-Sew Fabric Covered Candy Box

As if we needed a reason to indulge in chocolate! Now you can say “I had to eat the chocolate to get to the empty box.” Our family loves Whitman’s Sampler Chocolates, especially at the holidays so I always have an empty box hanging around with sewing supplies, scraps and even small quilting projects in them. I decided to dress one up to have a beautiful box on my sewing desk for some rather boring stuff like pens and scissors. This is really easy and it does not involve sewing. A simple gluestick is all you need. These sampler boxes come in many sizes. The box I’m using for the tutorial is the 12 ounce size. The supplies for this project are:

Iron and pressing board


Candy Box

Gluestick (this project took one full small size gluestick)

A 5 inch by 8 inch piece of cardboard for the bottom insert


1-6 inch by 9 1/2 inch rectangle of fabric (bottom insert covering)

1-6 1/2 inch by 10 inch rectangle of fabric (box top covering)

1-4 3/4 inch by 29 inch fabric strip (goes around the inside of the box sides)

1-2 3/4 inch by 29 inch fabric strip ( goes around the outside of the box top)


Any kind of embellishment such as lace ruffles, sequins, ribbons needed to decorate your box just the way you want it.

A glue gun and glue sticks for embellishments

Step 1-Gather your supplies


Step 2-

Apply gluestick all over one side of the bottom cardboard insert. Center the cardboard rectangle over the 6 inch by 9 1/2 inch piece of fabric which is right side down. Press down and rub well to set the glue. Work fast so your glue doesn’t dry out.



Glue the excess fabric along the sides to the other side of the cardboard piece.









Step 3-

Take the 4 3/4 inch by 29 inch strip and press in half with the right sides of the fabric out. On one end press under about 1/2 inch to create a finished edge.




Step 4-

Beginning with the box BOTTOM, start applying gluestick all over the outer side on the right half of the side. Place the edge of the strip that you pressed in half right in the middle of the box to start wrapping the fabric around the box sides. Apply the gluestick to the side as you wrap the fabric. The excess fabric that I’m holding will be flipped to the inside to cover the inside of the box.




Step 5-

Once you have the fabric wrapped around the box and glued down, apply a bit of extra glue on the pressed under edge of the fabric and glue down well. This will give the fabric a nicely finished edge.




Step 6-

Apply the gluestick liberally all over the inside of the box sides. Work quickly so the glue does not dry too fast in case you need to peel up the fabric to reposition it. Press the fabric to the insides of the box. Make sure you have a good amount of gluestick along the bottom edge so the edge of the fabric is securely glued down.




Apply gluestick between the overlapping ends of the fabric to secure them together.




Step 7-

After the insides of the box are covered, you can simply drop the fabric covered cardboard insert into the box or glue it down. Mine fit nice and snug so I didn’t bother with the glue.




Step 8-

Time to cover the box top. Apply the gluestick liberally all over the top of the box, but smooth out any glue globbies or they will show as bumps under the fabric. Lay the top fabric rectangle on the top of the box, making sure that there is about 1/2 inch of excess fabric on all sides. Press down firmly but gently on the fabric to ensure allover adhering to the glue.



Step 9-

In order for the corners of the fabric to wrap nicely around the edge of the box, some excess fabric needs to be removed. Using scissors with a sharp point, clip out the four corner squares just to right at the edge of the box corners.




Step 10-

Apply the gluestick to the edge of the box and begin wrapping the excess fabric up and around the edge of the box. There will be a tiny bit of excess fabric that wraps around the corner. Don’t worry, it won’t show but make sure it is glued down well.



Continue glueing and wrapping the top fabric down to the sides.



Step 11-

Take the 2 3/4 inch by 29 inch strip and press under each of the long sides just a scant 1/4 inch and also press under one of the ends 1/2 inch the same as in step 5. This will create a nicely finished edge. Glue this strip down exactly as done in step 5. Your box is now covered in beautiful fabric and ready for any embellishments that you might want to add! I have a BIG box that I want to do up in soft pinks, cabbage roses and polka dot fabrics with crochet lace and silk roses on top for a special little lady that will be having a birthday in January. I promise to post it when I get that one done! Thanks!




The really fun aspect of these boxes is that they are stackable!


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You are beautiful!

The one thing I want to accomplish with my art work, the gifts that I have been blessed with is to let you know that you are beautiful! Yes, YOU! We tend to be so mean to ourselves in our minds and that has got to stop. What I want you to know is that you are beautiful, talented, smart, funny, witty and you can kick ass with all of the gifts that you have been given. Never give up on yourself or tell yourself that you can’t dream BIG because you can. Love begins with you because you love the you that you are and there has never been anyone like you before and there never will be. You are someone’s ray of sunshine, the reason for the smile they have. You are the reason for your own smile and if you are told otherwise it’s bullshit. Love the person you are, the person you have been and be totally awed by the person you will be on down the road. You are beautiful.

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Just what the heck kind of quilter are you anyways?

Modern quilting? Traditional quilting? my work doesn’t fit into either one of those categories entirely so I’ve decided to call my niche Eclectic. I am an Eclectic quilter.  Eclectic has several meanings depending on which dictionary you look at but the one that serves this best is: a person who derives ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources. I was asked to describe my style recently and you know what? that’s rather hard to do. I really thought about it and came to the conclusion that putting an already determined definition to my style wouldn’t fit. To me, the eclectic quilter uses a wide range of techniques pulled from both the modern and the traditional quilting methods. We aren’t afraid to mix it up a little and use both artisan fabrics with commercial fabrics. We use a variety of mediums. We use modern fabrics to create traditional patterns and traditional fabrics to create modern patterns. We might be called the Bohemian element even. It’s what works for us and makes us happy with our creations. The definition of Bohemian: a person, as an artist or writer, who lives and acts free of regard for conventional rules and practices. I think that suits me just fine.


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Pondering on dreams, friends and what mojo means…….

When I decided to “write the book” I didn’t know what it would take, just that I was willing to do it. The process is very much like putting together a 10,000 piece puzzle and someone took the box top away, but I will tell you this. When you decide to make your dream come true no matter how much work it takes, you will be happy. You will be tired and confused a lot and take it on faith that your choices are made with the best of intentions but most of all you will be happy. There isn’t room for negativity, mistakes yes, but negativity no. There is also a peace that’s different than having everything always go right. I think it’s what everyone talks about, inner peace. When you do this for you and you love yourself and what you do, the dream will come to fruition. Never give up. And always laugh at yourself. It’s ok to do that too.

You know, I didn’t come up with all of that myself. It was each one of you on my Facebook friends list that tell us about the lives you lead, the challenges, the troubles and the triumphs of your lives. I’ve met women that have been in the same dark place I was. Homeless, with absolutely nothing and everything we had was lost. Whether it was through divorce or a hurricane, the spirit of women being strong came through. Not much kept us down. And we shared that. We laid bare our humaness and became more through sharing it. That is what She’s Got Mojo is all about. It’s not about me and it’s not just a catchy phrase, it means every single one of you. For that, I thank you. 


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