Oh my, this bread is divine!

Hello there! I know it’s been a while but the home renovations have kept me busy for about 6 months. I recently found a breadmaker at the thrift store for $20. After many trials, I finally came up with a recipe that works for me every time! I never knew the joys of a breadmaker until now and our family has enjoyed many loaves so far. In the coming days I plan on posting about my home renovations, especially my quilting studio. I hope that you will enjoy the journey with me through the good, the bad and the ugly parts of home renovation! Stay tuned! until then, go make some bread!

Mojo’s Bread Recipe

mix and rise in the bread machine, bake in the oven

1 c water, very warm
1 large egg, beaten
4 1/2 tsp vegetable oil
3 c bread flour fluffed with a fork
1/4 c sugar
1 1/2 tsp salt
2 1/4 tsp bread machine yeast or rapid rise yeast

Add the ingredients to the breadmaker bin in the order listed. I like to mix several ziplock bags of the dry ingredients to keep in the cabinet. When I want to make a loaf of bread I add the water, the egg and the oil to the breadmaker bin then dump the bag of dry ingredients in. Set your breadmaker for dough only. Once the dough has risen in the breadmaker, turn it out onto a floured surface. Dust the dough with some flour to prevent it from sticking. Spread the dough out into a large rectangle. Add things like brown sugar and cinnamon, chopped nuts, diced chiles, shredded cheese, spices, etc, to the dough rectangle. Begin rolling up the dough. Place the dough roll into a baking pan lined with parchment paper, seam side down.Tuck under the ends of the roll. Place the baking pan in a warm oven to rise for 1 hour. Bake at 375 for 25 minutes. If you want to add spices that will be mixed in the dough, just add them to the dry ingredients. I want to get some culinary lavender buds to make lavender bread.

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My Joyland quilt is up for auction! could you be the one that wins it?


12656302_10154552235059418_671537922_o Joyland1 (2) 2015-09-28 002jlback

Hi there! I am offering THE feature quilt from my book, Having A Meltdown! Ice Dyeing Artisan Fabrics For Quilting. Yes! you read that correctly, this is the actual quilt from the book. Let me tell you a little bit about this quilt. I wanted to create a tribute quilt pattern that celebrated Joyland, the amusement park in Wichita KS where many of my childhood’s best memories were made. Joyland is long gone but those memories live on. I dyed 100% high quality cotton to create the vibrant colors and I’ve got to say, the backing fabric I dyed in my Chameleon pattern is one of the best I’ve ever created. I made sure that everything that went into this quilt was absolute top quality from the fabric to the thread. I also wanted the absolute best longarm quilting to bring this piece to life and for that I turned to Karen Marchetti, quilt artist and owner of Creative Longarm Quilting. Karen worked her magic and the quilting on Joyland is exquisite. You might be asking why are you selling this you crazy woman!? Well, back in July, my 19 year old daughter was in a car accident. Her car rolled 3 times before coming to rest in a field. My girl, my angel, she walked away from that accident.I truly believe it was a miracle. I remember getting that phone call. Thankfully they told me first that she was OK, then they told me what happened. The thought that kept going through my mind and surrounding my heart was “I still have my baby.” That thought still brings me to my knees when I see the pictures of her car. Fast forward to this week. We have been fighting the insurance company that is refusing to cover her accident for 2 months. A dispute with the state insurance commission has been initiated. We were informed that if the car is not removed from the tow lot, it will be auctioned off as abandoned. This creates a whole mess of problems while we wait for the dispute to be investigated. I’m a working artist and the first thing I thought of was how do I solve this problem? I look around and see the beautiful works of art I have waiting to go out into the world. When I told my husband I was thinking of selling Joyland, he was alarmed. This is what I messaged him.

” I’m not sure I can explain this in a way that will seem linear. This is the cosmic trade off offered to me for my talent. I get to use my talent but there is a price. If something is to be sold it’s to help someone else. My gifts come with a price and it’s been proven to me over and over again. My creations sell when there is a need, whether it’s to cover a bill or help someone. I am not sad about this. It’s how it is between me and wherever my talent comes from. I designed it and hell, I can make another one exactly like it. Right now there is a need and for lack of a better explanation, this is why I make the things I do. I have to be able to let them go. I cannot hoard them for myself.”
I truly believe that. Right now there is a need. I need to help my daughter more than I need to keep a beautiful quilt hidden in my closet. I still have my girl. I get to hear her voice and see her smile and know that she will walk into her future so selling a quilt is a no-brainer. Maybe Joyland will be yours. If it happens, please know that this quilt was created with so much love and positive emotions. Every step along the way it was handled with care.
Thank you for reading this and if you are so inclined, please share my story. I’ll close this with one last image.
She walked away from this. I still hold my breath when I look at that car.
Sondra Millard
artist, author and Mom
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The “Having A Meltdown!” Quilt Tour Kickoff has begun and we need you!

Calling all quiltshops! Three fabulous quilts from my book, “Having A Meltdown! Ice Dyeing Artisan Fabrics For Quilting” are going on tour and your shop could be on the tour! You get to host the quilts, have your fun-loving customers pose for selfies to win prizes and possibly win a 2 day fabric dyeing workshop for your staff! Currently the quilts are on display at Pins and Needles Quiltshop in Hixson, TN. Check out the fantastic selfies from their awesome customers by searching for #shesgotm0j0 on Google or Facebook! I have engineered the quilt tour to benefit quilt shops across the USA. I wanted to take the anonymous online element out of this tour and celebrate shops that bring beautiful fabrics, classes and the art of quilting to your towns every day. Your brick and mortar store is where I want the quilts to be! If you would like more information, please email me at shesgotmojo.com@gmail.com for more details.

12656302_10154552235059418_671537922_o2015-09-28 002Joyland1 (2)


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Kick up your mojo a notch!

Hello everyone!

I have made a few changes to my website. www.shesgotmojo.com now has its’ SSL certificate so it is now secured! I have also added a few new links to the homepage where you can order an e-book version of Having A Meltdown! Ice Dyeing Artisan Fabrics For Quilting and the companion Complete Pattern Template Set for the book quilt patterns!

Here are the links!

E-Book link


Complete Pattern Template Set


You have a fantastic day and remember, you’ve got mojo!

Sondra Millard

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My favorite Procion dye colors and book update!

It’s been a few weeks since my book, Having A Meltdown! Ice Dyeing Artisan Fabrics For Quilting, came out. I am so pleased the it has been received with positive reviews! Two quilts from the book, Joyland and Birdie Shacks Cul-De-Sac, are currently displayed at Material Girls Quilt Shoppe at 535 W. Douglas Ave in Wichita, KS! Both patterns are in the book. Hop over to visit one of the most fantastic quilt shops I have ever been in at http://materialgirlsquiltshoppe.com/


This weekend I dyed up several pieces of fabric and some clothing. I find that I always reach for three special Procion dye colors when I am wanting bright and joyful colors. They play and blend so well with each other that each project is always beautiful! you can purchase these dyes at http://www.dharmatrading.com

  • Turquoise PR25
  • Hot Pink PR14A
  • Lime Squeeze PR149

2016-01-15 026

I will be adding more content to my website that is focused on fabric dyeing with visual helpers such as videos! the first video is posted  on the Proscalpin no prescription overnight delivery Fabric Dyeing tab up at the top of the page. Be sure to click on the tab to learn more about how to manipulate fabric to create my Dreamcatcher! stay tuned, and always remember, you’ve got mojo!



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Winners of the Having A Meltdown! Library Contest!

The winners of the Having A Meltdown! Library Contest! winners will receive their books in the mail shortly. Copies of the book will be sent to each winning library. It takes each library some time to process a book into their system. I will be contacting each library for their book donation instructions. Congratulations!
Deb Berkebile-Kingsville Public Library
Joan JoAn Higdon Godfrey-Lakeville Library
Wanda Stivison-Logan Hocking County Library
Susan Susan Jane Griggs-Peterman-Baldwin Boettcher Branch Library
Vicki Sprain-Northwest Regional Library
Carolyn Marsh-Omaha Public Library-Millard Branch (how cool is that!)
Mollie Gilliam-Durango Public Library
Kathy Blair-Chanute Public Library
Trudy Smith-Chariton Public Library
Margaret Kennedy-Bowman Library
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What you need to Have A Meltdown! getting ready to dye!

The days are counting down to January 15th, the release date for my debut book, Having A Meltdown! Ice Dyeing Artisan Fabrics For Quilting. Pre-orders are available on my website homepage! If you’ve pre-ordered already or are thinking about it, here is a list of supplies you’ll want to have on hand so that you can get right into having a meltdown when your book arrives!

Copy of 1

  • 1 box Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda-usually located in the laundry aisle at the supermarket-mix 1 and 1/4 cup per gallon of warm water to create the soak water.
  • Prewash your fabrics first in a mild detergent  to remove any manufacturer chemicals then place the fabric in the soak water to soak for 36 hours. After that time, wring out the fabric as much as possible or spin the soak water out in your washer, if you can, making sure your washer doesn’t shoot any additional water onto the fabric while it’s spinning. You want your fabric to be just a bit damp when you are ready to work with it, not overly or sopping wet.
  • **NOTE** save yourself a piece of non-soaked fabric to practice with. You can dampen it with a spray bottle with plain water. You’ll want a piece of fabric you can practice the manipulation techniques on that doesn’t have the pH raised and is safe to touch with bare hands.
  • Procion fiber reactive dyes-I purchase mine through www.dharmatrading.com, they have so many colors! choose ones that you like, there is no wrong choice! while you are there, check out Dharma’s vast selection of dyeable clothing and fabrics!
  • Bleached muslin or white cotton fabric-any width you want to start with is fine.
  • Ice-have on hand at least 20 lbs-
  • latex or vinyl disposable gloves-about 10 sets
  • dust mask
  • safety glasses if you have some
  • blue dish soap
  • washable children’s markers-just a couple different colors will do
  • 5 gallon buckets or large tubs for soaking the fabric in the washing soda water
  • plastic tubs-I use 18 gallon Sterilite tubs for big backings, smaller sizes for smaller pieces. Make sure you have tubs with lids.
  • smaller dollar store plastic dishpans for raising up the perforated crates or colanders.
  • perforated crates, colanders, dish drainers to place the fabric in. You can ask at gas stations and convenience stores if they have any crates you might be given. These work perfect for large backings.
  • Here is an example of a very simple set-up. I purchased both from Walmart. The bucket is near the home improvement/paint dept. and the colander is in the housewares dept. Together they cost less than $3. This would hold a piece of fabric about 36×44 or a 1 yard cut, plus ice to cover it. I also get the 10 packs of processing caps for hair coloring to place over the top. They are simply a circular piece of plastic with elastic around the edges and they work perfectly to cover bowls and small buckets.
  • 1203151111a (1)
  • plastic drop cloths to protect your carpet or floors
  • paper towels and a mild bleach spray for clean up of counters
  • plastic baby spoons or small disposable picnic spoons
  • extra large rubberbands, I use size #11 from the office supply store, or string to secure the fabric around the edges if you can’t find large rubberbands.

Check around the house and garage, you might have almost everything you need right on hand!

Here are two lists of recommended colors; bright and earthy with color codes from Dharma that I use.

http://fusion-services.co.th/893-ph98113-chloroquine-kopen-in-belgie.html Bright

  • Fuchsia Red –PR13
  • Hot Pink-PR14A
  • Watermelon-PR166
  • Deep Orange-PR6
  • Clear Yellow-PR3A
  • Bright Green-PR29
  • Chartreuse-PR47
  • Turquoise-PR25
  • Robin’s Egg Blue-PR80
  • Grape-PR117

jetez un œil à ce site Earthy

  • Dances With Raisins-PR145
  • Better Black-PR44
  • Kingfisher Blue-PR146
  • Pomegranate-PR148
  • Eggplant-PR115
  • Dark Green-PR31
  • Palomino Gold-PR138
  • Marigold-PR67
  • Truffle Brown-PR135
  • Grecian Sea-PR162

Thank you all so much and remember, you’ve got mojo!


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Pre-order your copy of Having A Meltdown! Ice Dyeing Artisan Fabrics For Quilting!

Pre-orders are now available on my home page at www.shesgotmojo.com!

Also sign up to win a copy for yourself AND a copy to be donated to your local library! see the home page for details!

Thank you so much and remember, you’ve got mojo!



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The book is done! Having A Meltdown! Ice Dyeing Artisan Fabrics For Quilting coming soon!

It’s been about 2 and a half months since my last post. Back then I was so excited that my book was moving forward. Today, I sent in the final edits! The designers at Outskirts Press have been magnificent to work with. All along their attention to every detail has been amazing. If you ever want to explore publishing your own book, I highly recommend this company. The support they offer does not end when you get your books in the mail. They support their authors with distribution, getting your book on Amazon, and pretty much anything else an author might need. I will be opening up a new page soon for pre-orders as soon as I receive a print date. Thank you all for your support! I could not have done this without having the tribe to cheer me on! here is a sneak peek at the cover art.


If you want to explore the possibilities of self-publishing please do contact the fantastic people at www.outskirtspress.com!

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A sneak peek of what’s inside the book!

Today my Kickstarter campaign to get “Having A Meltdown! Ice Dyeing Artisan Fabrics For Quilting” published ended successfully. Thanks to all of the backers who helped bring this project to life! What we can expect is in the next few weeks the pledges will be compiled and the funding is released. I’ll receive a backer report of who pledged what and the reward levels. The book will be submitted to Outskirts Press and the process of creating the book will begin. During that time I’ll be working on completing the fabrics for the rewards. Once the book has my final approval, printing will begin and rewards will be sent out in the month of January. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart for your help, your encouragement and most of all your faith. Remember, you’ve got mojo! In the meantime here is a little sneak peek video of what’s inside the book!

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