My Joyland quilt is up for auction! could you be the one that wins it?

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annonce de rencontre rigolote Hi there! I am offering THE feature quilt from my book, Having A Meltdown! Ice Dyeing Artisan Fabrics For Quilting. Yes! you read that correctly, this is the actual quilt from the book. Let me tell you a little bit about this quilt. I wanted to create a tribute quilt pattern that celebrated Joyland, the amusement park in Wichita KS where many of my childhood’s best memories were made. Joyland is long gone but those memories live on. I dyed 100% high quality cotton to create the vibrant colors and I’ve got to say, the backing fabric I dyed in my Chameleon pattern is one of the best I’ve ever created. I made sure that everything that went into this quilt was absolute top quality from the fabric to the thread. I also wanted the absolute best longarm quilting to bring this piece to life and for that I turned to Karen Marchetti, quilt artist and owner of Creative Longarm Quilting. Karen worked her magic and the quilting on Joyland is exquisite. You might be asking why are you selling this you crazy woman!? Well, back in July, my 19 year old daughter was in a car accident. Her car rolled 3 times before coming to rest in a field. My girl, my angel, she walked away from that accident.I truly believe it was a miracle. I remember getting that phone call. Thankfully they told me first that she was OK, then they told me what happened. The thought that kept going through my mind and surrounding my heart was “I still have my baby.” That thought still brings me to my knees when I see the pictures of her car. Fast forward to this week. We have been fighting the insurance company that is refusing to cover her accident for 2 months. A dispute with the state insurance commission has been initiated. We were informed that if the car is not removed from the tow lot, it will be auctioned off as abandoned. This creates a whole mess of problems while we wait for the dispute to be investigated. I’m a working artist and the first thing I thought of was how do I solve this problem? I look around and see the beautiful works of art I have waiting to go out into the world. When I told my husband I was thinking of selling Joyland, he was alarmed. This is what I messaged him.

” I’m not sure I can explain this in a way that will seem linear. This is the cosmic trade off offered to me for my talent. I get to use my talent but there is a price. If something is to be sold it’s to help someone else. My gifts come with a price and it’s been proven to me over and over again. My creations sell when there is a need, whether it’s to cover a bill or help someone. I am not sad about this. It’s how it is between me and wherever my talent comes from. I designed it and hell, I can make another one exactly like it. Right now there is a need and for lack of a better explanation, this is why I make the things I do. I have to be able to let them go. I cannot hoard them for myself.”
I truly believe that. Right now there is a need. I need to help my daughter more than I need to keep a beautiful quilt hidden in my closet. I still have my girl. I get to hear her voice and see her smile and know that she will walk into her future so selling a quilt is a no-brainer. Maybe Joyland will be yours. If it happens, please know that this quilt was created with so much love and positive emotions. Every step along the way it was handled with care.
Thank you for reading this and if you are so inclined, please share my story. I’ll close this with one last image.
She walked away from this. I still hold my breath when I look at that car.
Sondra Millard
artist, author and Mom
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2 Responses to My Joyland quilt is up for auction! could you be the one that wins it?

  1. Anne Copeland says:

    astuces utiles Dear Sondra, I am so sorry to hear about your daughter’s accident, and thank heavens that she is ok, but this is horrible what you are having to go through with the insurance. You pay for the service, and then when you need to use it, it isn’t there for you.

    I am going to keep you and your family in my prayers and thoughts. I wish I could buy anything right now, but I am recovering from cancer surgery and getting my maters online at Liberty University Online, so I guess at 75 this November, I will have to be paying back student loans for the rest of my life. But it is beautiful and I pray that some lucky person will get it and help you to cover everything. Congradulations for such a great way to help your family. Peace and many blessings, Anne Copeland

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