My favorite Procion dye colors and book update! It’s been a few weeks since my book, Having A Meltdown! Ice Dyeing Artisan Fabrics For Quilting, came out. I am so pleased the it has been received with positive reviews! Two quilts from the book, Joyland and Birdie Shacks Cul-De-Sac, are currently displayed at Material Girls Quilt Shoppe at 535 W. Douglas Ave in Wichita, KS! Both patterns are in the book. Hop over to visit one of the most fantastic quilt shops I have ever been in at

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anonymous This weekend I dyed up several pieces of fabric and some clothing. I find that I always reach for three special Procion dye colors when I am wanting bright and joyful colors. They play and blend so well with each other that each project is always beautiful! you can purchase these dyes at

  • Turquoise PR25
  • Hot Pink PR14A
  • Lime Squeeze PR149

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I will be adding more content to my website that is focused on fabric dyeing with visual helpers such as videos! the first video is posted  on the www Fildena 100 mg info Fabric Dyeing tab up at the top of the page. Be sure to click on the tab to learn more about how to manipulate fabric to create my Dreamcatcher! stay tuned, and always remember, you’ve got mojo!



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3 Responses to My favorite Procion dye colors and book update!

  1. A Friend says:

    Love the way the fabric in the green dye was manipulated to look like a skull! And I will be adding these to my order I’m placing!

  2. KathyKiz Parker says:

    Love, love, love… ! Where’s the Love button?? You have the ‘eye’ for colors and your dye projects reflect that. I, on the other hand, can’t pick more than 3 colors for a quilt without pulling my
    I’m so happy that your book is a success, here’s to the next one!!

  3. rachel says:

    Thanks for the video tutorial it’s really helpful to see something done as well as read about it, I have your book (actually I was so keen to get it, I ordered two separately by mistake!!) and when I get back from my family visit to the UK I will be dyeing fabric! I’ll find a friend who wants the seond book and we can “play” together.

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