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Free viagra samples before buying uk, Where can i buy viagra over the counter in liverpool

The days are counting down to January 15th, the release date for my debut book, Having A Meltdown! Ice Dyeing Artisan Fabrics For Quilting. Pre-orders are available on my website homepage! If you’ve pre-ordered already or are thinking about it, here is a list of supplies you’ll want to have on hand so that you can get right into having a meltdown when your book arrives!

Copy of 1

  • 1 box Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda-usually located in the laundry aisle at the supermarket-mix 1 and 1/4 cup per gallon of warm water to create the soak water.
  • Prewash your fabrics first in a mild detergent  to remove any manufacturer chemicals then place the fabric in the soak water to soak for 36 hours. After that time, wring out the fabric as much as possible or spin the soak water out in your washer, if you can, making sure your washer doesn’t shoot any additional water onto the fabric while it’s spinning. You want your fabric to be just a bit damp when you are ready to work with it, not overly or sopping wet.
  • **NOTE** save yourself a piece of non-soaked fabric to practice with. You can dampen it with a spray bottle with plain water. You’ll want a piece of fabric you can practice the manipulation techniques on that doesn’t have the pH raised and is safe to touch with bare hands.
  • Procion fiber reactive dyes-I purchase mine through, they have so many colors! choose ones that you like, there is no wrong choice! while you are there, check out Dharma’s vast selection of dyeable clothing and fabrics!
  • Bleached muslin or white cotton fabric-any width you want to start with is fine.
  • Ice-have on hand at least 20 lbs-
  • latex or vinyl disposable gloves-about 10 sets
  • dust mask
  • safety glasses if you have some
  • blue dish soap
  • washable children’s markers-just a couple different colors will do
  • 5 gallon buckets or large tubs for soaking the fabric in the washing soda water
  • plastic tubs-I use 18 gallon Sterilite tubs for big backings, smaller sizes for smaller pieces. Make sure you have tubs with lids.
  • smaller dollar store plastic dishpans for raising up the perforated crates or colanders.
  • perforated crates, colanders, dish drainers to place the fabric in. You can ask at gas stations and convenience stores if they have any crates you might be given. These work perfect for large backings.
  • Here is an example of a very simple set-up. I purchased both from Walmart. The bucket is near the home improvement/paint dept. and the colander is in the housewares dept. Together they cost less than $3. This would hold a piece of fabric about 36×44 or a 1 yard cut, plus ice to cover it. I also get the 10 packs of processing caps for hair coloring to place over the top. They are simply a circular piece of plastic with elastic around the edges and they work perfectly to cover bowls and small buckets.
  • 1203151111a (1)
  • plastic drop cloths to protect your carpet or floors
  • paper towels and a mild bleach spray for clean up of counters
  • plastic baby spoons or small disposable picnic spoons
  • extra large rubberbands, I use size #11 from the office supply store, or string to secure the fabric around the edges if you can’t find large rubberbands.

Check around the house and garage, you might have almost everything you need right on hand!

Here are two lists of recommended colors; bright and earthy with color codes from Dharma that I use.


  • Fuchsia Red –PR13
  • Hot Pink-PR14A
  • Watermelon-PR166
  • Deep Orange-PR6
  • Clear Yellow-PR3A
  • Bright Green-PR29
  • Chartreuse-PR47
  • Turquoise-PR25
  • Robin’s Egg Blue-PR80
  • Grape-PR117


  • Dances With Raisins-PR145
  • Better Black-PR44
  • Kingfisher Blue-PR146
  • Pomegranate-PR148
  • Eggplant-PR115
  • Dark Green-PR31
  • Palomino Gold-PR138
  • Marigold-PR67
  • Truffle Brown-PR135
  • Grecian Sea-PR162

Thank you all so much and remember, you’ve got mojo!


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