Let’s get this book published!

I want to thank you all for hanging out with me and following this blog. I haven’t posted much recently due to dyeing fabrics for orders, working and getting my book published. There were some unforeseen challenges on that front so I have decided to self-publish. The book is targeted to be approximately 90 to 100 pages. It will be a soft cover book with color images detailing each step in the dyeing process with tips on how to create beautiful dyed fabric. Just take a look at the images here. I can teach you how to make beautiful fabrics just like mine! I have put the greatest care into making this book the best it can be. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever worked harder on anything in my life. Printing of the book will be handled by a US based company in Colorado that specializes in bringing the best book possible to the consumer. Once my endeavor here is funded, I can complete the book submission process and the book will be ready to ship approximately 12 to 14 weeks after submission. There will even be a Kindle version! How cool is that! I’m setting my target date for submission as September 1st so that puts the books finished and ready to ship around January 10th. In order to get the book in your hands, I have started a Kickstarter campaign with lots of fun rewards! Please visit my campaign at the link listed below to learn more about this endeavor. Thanks again and remember, You’ve got mojo!

Happy day to all!


My Kickstarter campaign can be viewed by following this link. Copy and paste it into your browser bar.





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