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2015-06-06 004

Meet Hadoken! Our newest family member. I’m guessing he’s about 9 to 11 weeks old. My daughter found him lost and alone outside of where she works in TX so he came home with us to KS for a whole new life. We’ll get him to the vet this week for the whole 9 yards and maybe they can give us a better guess on his age. This little guy survived all of the TX storms and flooding in a very bad area and out in the country among predators so he is quite a little survivor. He loves people and we are now his people. The real hero of this story is my daughter. She could not and would not walk away from this little boy so she took him home. I think she’s pretty awsome.

We had a lovely trip to TX for my youngest daughter’s graduation. Having all of the kids in one place was lovely! the sibling fun didn’t take long to kick in when my son told my daughter to clean out her own car. He said it in a loving way so they have both matured….somewhat 🙂  Now I’m going to concentrate on writing some tutorials for the rest of the summer! Let’s see, tote bags? bed runners? summer memories quits? really quick projects you can make in a day? the possibilities are endless! Tell me what you would like and we’ll come up with something fun!

Never forget that you’ve got mojo!



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