order Neurontin online I am a filthy filthy girl! I try very hard to keep my dye area under control but some days…..it’s just not happening. Yesterday for instance. I needed to move a dye bucket that had a nicely swirled shirt all dyed up pretty. Grab the bucket handle and move it right? so simple. Not! I neglected to remember the good old “bucket swing” and sure enough it went whoopsy and onto the floor went the dye-covered shirt and the ice.  Now, this is like trying to catch a slippery baby right out of the bathtub. I drop the bucket and grab for the shirt, not even worrying about the fact that I didn’t have gloves on. Pssshhhhtt….who needs gloves when you just want to move the darn bucket 5 feet? me apparently. I wrassle the shirt back into the bucket not knowing if it had entirely unswirled and then I noticed my hands. Uh oh! Well, in for a penny in for a pound. It was too late to save my hands from getting mucked up so I scooped up as much of the ice covered dye and tossed it back on top of the shirt. I’ll be going to work today with some interesting colors embedded in my fingernails but who cares. The shirt actually looks pretty good this morning! I can’t wait to see what this Oopsy shirt looks like. That’s all a part of the magic of fabric dyeing. Messes can become something beautiful and as a dyer I have learned to let go of the need to control a project all the way through its’ processes. I’m learning to apply that same patience to my life and celebrate the odd and unusual outcomes when life dumps out a bucket or two on me 🙂002 002

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  1. Debbie Alley says:

    I love the shirt
    I can’t wait for the book!

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