You are beautiful!

official website The one thing I want to accomplish with my art work, the gifts that I have been blessed with is to let you know that you are beautiful! Yes, YOU! We tend to be so mean to ourselves in our minds and that has got to stop. What I want you to know is that you are beautiful, talented, smart, funny, witty and you can kick ass with all of the gifts that you have been given. Never give up on yourself or tell yourself that you can’t dream BIG because you can. Love begins with you because you love the you that you are and there has never been anyone like you before and there never will be. You are someone’s ray of sunshine, the reason for the smile they have. You are the reason for your own smile and if you are told otherwise it’s bullshit. Love the person you are, the person you have been and be totally awed by the person you will be on down the road. You are beautiful.

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2 Responses to You are beautiful!

  1. Bev says: Thank you! We all need this advice at times. We tend to be our own toughest critic at times.

  2. Antonia says: Thank you. Sometimes everyone needs words like this. Everyone is unique!

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