Pondering on dreams, friends and what mojo means…….

http://consciousgraphics.com/6133328518ww8509-397i4ft8/ry4a-igyxraq.7342 When I decided to “write the book” I didn’t know what it would take, just that I was willing to do it. The process is very much like putting together a 10,000 piece puzzle and someone took the box top away, but I will tell you this. When you decide to make your dream come true no matter how much work it takes, you will be happy. You will be tired and confused a lot and take it on faith that your choices are made with the best of intentions but most of all you will be happy. There isn’t room for negativity, mistakes yes, but negativity no. There is also a peace that’s different than having everything always go right. I think it’s what everyone talks about, inner peace. When you do this for you and you love yourself and what you do, the dream will come to fruition. Never give up. And always laugh at yourself. It’s ok to do that too.

Lemgo You know, I didn’t come up with all of that myself. It was each one of you on my Facebook friends list that tell us about the lives you lead, the challenges, the troubles and the triumphs of your lives. I’ve met women that have been in the same dark place I was. Homeless, with absolutely nothing and everything we had was lost. Whether it was through divorce or a hurricane, the spirit of women being strong came through. Not much kept us down. And we shared that. We laid bare our humaness and became more through sharing it. That is what She’s Got Mojo is all about. It’s not about me and it’s not just a catchy phrase, it means every single one of you. For that, I thank you. 


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